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Getting Started

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Settle3 is a 3-dimensional program for the analysis of settlement and consolidation under foundations, embankments and surface excavations. Settle3 combines the simplicity of one-dimensional analysis with the power and visualization capabilities of more sophisticated three-dimensional programs.

See the Settle3 Overview for a summary of the program capabilities.

New Users

  • If you are a new user of Settle3, the first thing you should do is complete the Quick Start Tutorial, which you will find on the Tutorials page.

  • Then go through the other tutorials for an introduction to other modeling and analysis features in Settle3.

  • For a look at the newest features, see the What's New in Maintenance+.

  • For reference information on all of the program options, use the Contents, Index or Search features in this Help system.

What's New

See the What's New in Maintenance+ page for a listing of new features in Settle3 M+.