Settle3 Tutorials

The Settle3 Tutorials provide easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, demonstrating how to use various features of the program.

The tutorials are below. Click the links to view.

Tutorial 1: Quick Start Tutorial

Tutorial 2: Time-Dependent Consolidation

Tutorial 3: Storage Tank on Embankment

Tutorial 4: Wick Drain Tutorial

Tutorial 5: Excavations

Tutorial 6: Preload with Wick Drains

Tutorial 7: Preload with Back Analysis

Tutorial 8: Embankment Staging

Tutorial 9: Empirical Methods

Tutorial 10: Hydroconsolidation

Tutorial 11: Secondary Consolidation

Tutorial 12: Liquefaction Analysis

Tutorial 13: Multiple Boreholes

Tutorial 14: CPT Analysis

Tutorial 15: Horizontal Loading

Tutorial 16: Non-Horizontal Ground Surface

New Tutorials

Tutorial 17: Ground Improvement - Part 1: Vibro-Compaction

Tutorial 18: Ground Improvement - Part 2: Stone Columns

Tutorial 19: Embankment Cross Section Designer