Jointed Rock Tutorials

Application of Joint Networks

  • Adding joint networks
  • Multiple joint networks
  • Joint end conditions
  • Joint movement



Joint Tutorial

  • Joint end condition
  • Joint yielding
  • Graphing joint data
  • Effect of joint on stress distribution



Joint-Liner Interaction

  • Composite liner with joint
  • Rock joints
  • Graph joint data
  • Liner bending moments

Application of Joint Networks (with FXEM)

This tutorial will demonstrate how to specify joint networks or discrete fracture networks (DFN) in RS2 using XFEM. It will also demonstrate techniques for analyzing the effects of joints on model results. The model involves the stability analysis of slop contained of a parallel joint network.

Conversion to FXEM

This tutorial shows how to convert the current jointed model into XFEM. The model was built in four stages. In the first stage the model is under equilibrium and joints do not have any initial deformation, while in the second stage the excavation above the slop is applied and the water table is lowered. The concrete is poured on the excavated zone in the second stage and finally the bolts are installed in the fourth stage to increase the strength of the soil.