Groundwater Seepage Tutorials

Finite Element Groundwater Seepage

  • Groundwater and stress analysis
  • Flow vectors and flow lines
  • Iso-lines
  • Discharge sections

Groundwater Flow in Cofferdam

  • Seepage analysis (steady state)
  • Discharge sections
  • Groundwater only calculation
  • Flownets

Drawdown Analysis for Slope

  • Staged piezo lines
  • Staged groundwater analysis
  • Importing coordinates
  • Ponded water loading

Drawdown Analysis for Tunnel Excavation

  • Staged tunnel excavation
  • Groundwater drawdown
  • 3D tunnel simulation
  • Seepage analysis


Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis

  • Point estimate method of probabilistic analysis
  • SSR slope stability analysis
  • Probability of failure
  • Comparison with Slide results

Coupled Drawdown Analysis

  • Drawdown
  • Staged groundwater analysis and coupled analysis
  • Transient groundwater
  • Fully drained, drained, and undrained loading conditions

Wick Drains

  • Addition of wick drain pattern
  • Unknown Boundary Conditions with Vacuum
  • Analysis of vertical displacement
  • Comparison of pore pressure results