Getting Started with RS2

RS2  is a program for 2D finite element analysis of geotechnical structures for civil and mining applications. Applicable for both rock and soil ( RS2 = Rock and Soil 2-dimensional analysis program), RS2 is a general purpose finite element analysis program for tunnel and support design, underground excavations, surface excavation, slope stability, embankments, dynamic analysis, foundations, consolidation, groundwater seepage and more.

What's New in RS2

See the What's New in RS2 page for a listing of new features in RS2.

Quick Start

If you are a new user of RS2, the first thing you should do is complete the Introduction to RS2 Tutorial. Additional tutorials covering Slope Stability, Consolidation/Settlement, Groundwater Seepage, Tunneling, Support, Underground Mining, Dynamic Analysis, Jointed Rock, and Excavations are also available.

Applications Overview

For a listing of example problems categorized by application (e.g., slope stability, groundwater, tunneling), see the RS2 Applications Overview page.

New Tutorials for RS2

The following tutorials demonstrate new features in RS2: