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Overview of Seeders in RocFall

Seeders in RocFall are the means by which you specify the initial conditions of falling rocks. Each of the initial conditions (Mass, Velocity) can be specified as an exact number or with one of the available statistical distribution types. The number of seeders or the number of seeder locations that you can add to a model are unlimited.

The two types of seeders provided in RocFall are Point Seeders and Line Seeders. The seeder initial conditions are specified in the Seeder Properties dialog, while the rock physical properties (Mass, Density, Shape) are specified in the Rock Type Library.

Point Seeders

Point Seeders are used when you want to specify that all rocks fall from a single starting location.

Line Seeders

Line Seeders are used when you want to specify a set of starting locations. For example, you can specify all rock falls to begin from the first slope segment. A seeder line can have any number of segments. The rock locations are generated with a Uniform distribution along the length of the line seeder (i.e., there is an equal probability that the rock will start falling from any point along the length of the seeder).

NOTE: If a sample rock is generated and that rock lies below the surface of the slope (if a point seeder was placed below the surface, for example) the rock is moved from the generated location to the closest point on the surface and started from that location.

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