Rocscience has been creating easy-to-use, reliable software since 1996. Our experienced team has expertise in a variety of disciplines, from geotechnical specialties through software marketing and sales.

Steve Anderson GeoSys Design

We have software from a few different companies and I just wanted to let you know that your customer support blows all theirs out of the water. Thank you very much!

Prof. Mary Maclaughlin Montana Tech of the University of Montana

I’ve been nothing but just pleasantly surprised every year with new tutorials coming out and new features for students to use, while at the same time, the software is not getting more complicated; it is only becoming easier and easier to use. I really appreciate the fact that Rocscience goes out of your way to provide a phenomenal tool for education.

Prof. Steven Glaser

These programs are very easy to learn and to use. I like the CAD-style interface, and the connectivity between individual programs such as Slide and Phase2.

Prof. Mahir Vardar Istanbul Technical University

Phase2 is very useful as it is very easy to create the model, fast in computing and easy to visualize the results. It is useful in understanding stress/deformation distribution around engineering structures. Perfect in examining the interactive between ground and the engineering interference. Swedge and Dips are also handy tools for Engineering Geology because it helps students for modelling in 3D and engineering structure.

Dr. Moussa Wone Hatch Mott MacDonald, VA, USA

"I have been a user of Rocscience products, especially Phase2 since 2000. I used Phase2 on many of the design projects that I have been involved with. I noticed one thing; this program has been steadily improving every year. These improvements have been very well managed and instituted, thanks to their highly skilled and customer care oriented technical team."

Adam Czarnecki Vertase FLI Ltd, United Kingdom

"I just wanted to tell you that the Slide 5.0 software has proved to be an invaluable tool in my assessment of a large slope stability project in the UK. There is no software that comes close to offering the range of modeling techniques or the use of a sophisticated probabilistic assessment."

Dr. Evert Hoek Private Consultant, Canada

"Swedge deals very effectively with the problem of rock slope failure controlled by two intersecting structural features. Straight forward data input, excellent graphics and a very good Monte Carlo probabilistic analysis make this program a pleasure to use."

Pieter Oosthuizen ARQ Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

"I must further congratulate you on excellent ‘after sales service’ and response times. For us it’s a real pleasure doing business with you."

Dr. Laurie Richards Private Consultant, Australia

"RocFall has been a welcome new development in probabilistic rockfall modeling with its clear and logical Windows structure and excellent graphical output. An important benefit of all Rocscience programs is the technical support that is readily available and Rocscience's responsiveness to feedback from users."

Dr. Bing Wang, Senior Geotechnical Specialist SNC-Lavalin Engineers and Constructors, Canada

"We have been exclusively using Rocscience software for over one year now for slope stability, seepage analysis, and rock engineering purposes. We have found that when we use Slide software, set-up time for our models is cut by more than 90%. Slide combines seepage and slope analysis in one program, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing both programs from a competitor."

Dr. John Simmons Sherwood Geotechnical & Research Services, Australia

"I am very impressed with the capability of Phase2 to generate structure forces for coal stockpile loadings on reclaim tunnels and conveyor supports and am keen to use it more widely for clients with challenging ground-structure interaction problems."

Prof. John Hadjigeorgiou Director, Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program, Civil Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada

"I first started using Examine 2D as a teaching tool 15 years ago. Its ease of execution made it ideal for exposing students to the theory and practice of numerical modeling. The latest windows version (2007) constitutes a major breakthrough in the teaching and understanding of numerical modeling. Its ease of use, almost "real time" analysis and intuitive interface has opened up all sorts of interesting possibilities in illustrating and investigating the power of numerical modeling in rock engineering."

Arnon Rozen A. Rozen Engineering Ltd., Israel

"I would like to thank you, for your answer…and add, that in our opinion, Rocscience support is admirable as always."

Prof. Mark Diederichs Geological Engineering, Queen’s University, Canada

"Dips (5.0) for Windows is an extremely easy to use but impressively comprehensive structural analysis package for engineers and geologists. The new integrated data input and management options and the interactive graphical environment make analysis a breeze, whether you are using old file or processing new data. Well done Rocscience!"

Ross Seedsman Seedsman Geotechnics Pty Ltd, Australia

"Combining this stress ratio with transverse isotropy appeared to be valuable in estimating the maximum height of roof falls in coal mines. In feedback to Rocscience, I suggested this ratio should be included in the next upgrade. Within 2 days, Brent had done it, and my sensitivity studies were almost instantaneous. Hard to believe, but Examine2D is now even better. And for any coal-mine users, try a ratio of 0.33 with an E/G ratio of 10."

Nadine Miller AMEC Earth & Environmental, Canada

"I just want to thank you all for answering all my questions, and helping me with the set-up issues I was having with my log spiral model. In the end it all came together quite nicely, with results that best represented the situation at hand."

Prof. Derek Martin, Geotechnical Engineering University of Alberta, Canada

"I have been using Examine 3D since it was first developed in the early 90s. I have always been impressed by the program's ease of use and routinely use it to introduce students to 3D modeling. The Windows version makes it even easier to explore the stress re-distribution caused by complex mining geometries and to incorporate those results into technical papers/reports."

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