Company History

Rocscience has been creating easy to use, reliable geotechnical software since 1996. We specialize in 2D and 3D analysis and design programs for civil engineering and mining applications. Our high quality programs allow engineers to quickly and accurately analyze surface and underground structures in rock and soil, thereby improving safety and reducing the cost of design projects.

The Evolution of Rocscience

Since 1987, the Rock Engineering Group at the University of Toronto has developed and distributed geomechanics software, fulfilling a need for more reliable, easy-to-use 2D and 3D analysis and design tools in the mining and civil engineering industries. Our first suite of programs evolved from work by various graduate students over the years under the leaderships of Dr. Evert Hoek and Dr. John Curran. The development of these initial programs was supported in part by the Canadian Mining Industry along with the provincial and federal governments. These early versions were then widely distributed as shareware in Canada and internationally. Since 1994, further research and development has transformed these early programs into the commercial versions available today. Together with new ideas and expertise, thirteen high quality software programs are being sold. Each program includes a detailed manual or on-line help file, technical support and is very competitively priced. More than 2000 customers in over 75 countries are now using our software.

Rocscience Inc.

Rocscience Inc. was formed in May 1996 to handle the increased distribution and administration of the software. As a spin-off company from the University of Toronto, we will continue the evolution of ideas and technology, creating new software products in the field of geomechanics while maintaining the benefits of our close connection to the research environment. Our strength comes from the strong geomechanics background of our staff and their excellent programming skills. We have created a common interface for all the programs, resulting in easy-to-use software for the practising engineer in the field as well as the demanding technical analysts employed by major consulting companies. Rocscience Inc. offers expert technical support and can respond quickly to customer concerns. We value the suggestions and comments from our customers — this valuable input helps us update and improve our programs.

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