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Empirical Methods

version 3.0

A variety of empirical methods exist for calculating immediate settlement in cohesionless soil. These methods are generally based on data from field tests (Standard Penetration Test, Cone Penetration Test, etc.) and require little user input. In general, settlement can only be calculated for regular shaped loads (rectangles and circles). The following empirical settlement methods are available in Settle3D:

  • Schmertmann
  • Peck, Hanson and Thornburn
  • Schultze and Sherif
  • D'Appolonia

  • For detailed information on each method and input parameters, see the Settle3D
    Theory Manual.

    Schmertmann method input

    The empirical methods can only be applied to rectangular or circular loads. You can apply any or all methods to a given load. The calculated empirical settlement is displayed in the Plan View as shown below, for all currently applied methods.

    Display of empirical results for square load


    Peck, Hanson and Thornburn method input

    Schultze and Sherif method input

    D'Appolonia method input

    The empirical methods can be applied from the main menu, or by right-clicking on a load and selecting a method from the popup menu. To quickly turn off all methods you can select the None option from the popup menu.

    Right-click shortcut for applying empirical methods