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  • 10 GB hard disk space
  • 2 GB memory (RAM)


  • Win7/Win8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • 20 GB hard disk space
  • 4 GB memory (RAM)

Analysis Results

version 3.0

This section summarizes the analysis results computed by Settle3D , and the options available for obtaining the results.

  • Output Data
  • Field Point Grid
  • Point Query
  • Line Query
  • Time Query
  • Preload Query
  • Compute / Autocompute
  • Export





    Analysis Results: Output Data

    Output variables computed by Settle3D include settlement, stress, and pore pressure. To choose which variable you would like to plot, click on the drop-list of output variables displayed in the toolbar at the top of the screen. A list of variables is shown below, for time-dependent consolidation analysis.

    Output variables available for time-dependent consolidation analysis

    When you choose an output variable, all views of the current document will be updated to plot the selected data. The output variables which can be plotted depend on the type of analysis (e.g. time dependent or independent). For details about the stress, settlement and pore pressure calculations see the Settle3D Theory Manual.






    Analysis Results: Field Point Grid

    The Field Point Grid option is used to generate contours of results in a horizontal plane. The results can be viewed at any depth using the depth control in the sidebar. The values of the contours are given by the contour legend in the sidebar. For further information see the Field Point Grid page.

    Field point grid contours in Plan view and 3D view

    Contour legend in sidebar








    Analysis Results: Point Query

    A Point Query allows you to obtain analysis results along any vertical line through your soil profile. In the 3D View, point query results can be displayed as a continuous color graph or as discrete bars. The query results can be graphed or exported. For further information see the Query page.

    Point query results in 3D view





    Analysis Results: Line Query

    A Line Query allows you to obtain results along any horizontal line and the corresponding vertical plane which passes through the line. The results can be plotted as a bar graph in the Plan View, and as contours on a vertical plane in the 3D View, as shown in the following figures. For further information see the Query page.

    Line query results in Plan View

    Line query results in 3D View






    Analysis Results: Time Query

    A Time Point Query allows you to determine the time required to achieve a specified settlement or degree of consolidation, at the query location.

    Time point properties dialog

    Display of time point results






    Analysis Results: Preload Query

    The Preload option allows you to determine the fill height required to achieve a specified settlement at a given stage. When you add a preload, a point query is automatically created at the center of the preload, and results of the back analysis are displayed in the Plan View as shown below.

    Pre-load properties dialog

    Results of pre-load fill height back analysis





    Analysis Results: Compute/Autocompute

    By default, results are automatically computed and displayed when you initially add a Point Query, Line Query, Field Point Grid, Time Point Query or Preload. Results can also be automatically computed as you edit the model (e.g. change geometry or material properties). The status of the automatic compute can be configured in the Autocompute dialog, shown below. If Autocompute is turned off, you can manually compute the analysis at any time, by selecting the Compute button in the toolbar.

    Autocompute dialog





    Analysis Results: Export

    Analysis results can be plotted in Settle3D , or exported in a variety of ways for post-processing in other applications. For example, query graphs and data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with one mouse click. See the Export page for further information.

    Query graph and data exported to Excel